Design and build a custom PCB:

  • Must be a DIY circuit board
  • Designed by you
  • Any application you choose (really, anything)
  • Can’t be too easy (show what you learned)
  • Finish your working prototypes and designs, on schedule

The Idea

For this project, I am going to make a custom board for the Relative Clock I made for Tangible Devices this semester.

[ ... ]

One reason I want to remake this is because the current version of the clock doesn’t work! The crystal on the Arduino Nano 33 IoT isn’t great. So after about a day, the clock is an hour off.

I am looking to produce a more finished version of this project. Having a PCB for this would save a lot of space in this project.

What I Need


  • ATtiny85
  • Accelerometer
  • Crystal

I would like the board to have the following:

  • On/Off Switch
  • Battery run
    • Can last a while because it’s a clock
  • Easy connections for:
    • Three buttons
    • Screen
  • Extra pin connection incase I need in future