Here is the assignment for this project:

I believe constraints make for good work, but I also feel the first two projects (the instrument, the sketches) are already reasonably constrained. So for your final project, I ask you to create the constraints yourself, as long as the project is related to Time and demonstrates creative and technical excellence.

This semester I have spent a bunch of time exploring words and (software) clocks. For my final project, I want to combine the two - and build something.

While doing research for my thesis, one of my professors recommended I look at the work of Anatol Knotek. I really like his work.

Here are a bunch of his that deal with time:

The last two (both versions of just in time) instantly gave me an idea. The version of just in time that is a textobject, has clockwork inside of it. So the second leg of the ’m’ actually ticks. I want to make a bunch of clocks that play with this idea.

The idea

Inspired by Anatol’s just in time pieces, I will make 4 physical clocks. They will explore the language of time and the telling of time. Hopefully they will be funny too…