The Image

For the assignment “Design Analysis” I chose a poster made by a group of artists who exhibited under the name Hairy Who, starting in the early 1960s. All six members illustrated the poster.

Poster for *Hairy Who, 1966*  exhibit
[ Poster For "Hairy Who, 1966" Exhibit ]

According to the (fantastic) book, Hairy Who? 1966–1969, the poster was made of commercially printed offset lithograph on buff paper. It was for the groups first show in the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about Hairy Who, click the button ==> Hairy Who

Grid System

Grid-lines over poster dividing it into columns and rows.
[ Grid System ]

The poster can be divide into 16 blocks, composed of 4 columns and 4 rows.

The top row is devoted to the groups name. Only the center two blocks are used.

The second row down contains the shoulders and arms, each in its own block. Sitting in the center, vertically, is the name of the art center where the show was.

The third row down has in both outer blocks the days of the week and hours for the show. Again, in the center, vertically, is the address of the exhibit.

The final row says when the show opens. Only the center two blocks are used.

Hierarchy of Elements

When looking at the image, the words “Hairy Who” jump off the page first. They are large and easy to read.

Then, the words going vertically down the poster. They are smaller, but clearly defined.

The vertical test leads to text at the bottom. This uses negative fill so it is less obvious at first.

After that, there are images and names throughout the image to wander across.


13 unique fonts circled
[ Unique Fonts ]

This poster contains 13 unique fonts. Each was created by the artist who drew it. I was able to find two fonts that matched the poster - kinda.

Two typefaces identified
[ (1) Pyrotechnics Regular | (2) FF Bokka Std Shadow ]

Hair (1):

The font used in the hair is similar to Pyrotechnics Regular.

Belt (2)

The font used on the belt is similar to FF Bokka Std Shadow.


[ Left: #dbcb9d | Right: #1c1616 ]

The image contains two colors.

The first is the color of the paper itself. It’s hexcode is #dbcb9d. It’s kinda beige.

The second color is everything else. It’s hexcode is #1c1616. I say it’s black.